Morning Music Notes – Rappers Make Scarface a Cult Classic

Just What He Needs: Kanye West – The Musical

Some artists have a massive ego. And then there is Kanye West. In some ways, the critical praise that accompanied My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was the worst thing that could’ve happened to his already swelling head. It was well deserved, as it was a fine disc, but this is the praise that followed his egotistical Taylor Swift-interrupting stage outburst.

The Aussies don’t seem to mind who gets praise and who doesn’t, as a stage group is cashing in on Kanye and putting together a Kanye West musical next month (via NME).

“The production, which has been put together by Philip Rosser, a member of the drama society at Sydney University, is said to tell the story of West’s rise from humble beginnings making beats for Jay-Z to ultimately become one of the most famous men on the planet. ”

“According to the production’s official Facebook page, the show’s synopsis reads: This is a story of a struggle against the man to become the man. It’s about a guy who took a shot at the throne and didn’t miss. This is the tale of Kanye.”

“Rosser and writing partner Damien Higginbottom have composed all new songs for the musical and told the L.A Times that all the tracks have been written in the style of the rapper.”

So no Kanye songs, but all of the press that comes with trying to associate yourself with Kanye West. Smart one, boys!

Profile on Tim Cook, New Head of Apple

As mentioned on PHM last night, Steve Jobs has resigned from Apple. Tim has previously served as interim CEO when Steve Jobs took his previous leaves for health. Slashgear takes a look at why Tim Cook is up to the task.

“As a former VP for Corporate Materials at Compaq, Chief Operating Officer of the computer reseller division of Intelligent Electronics, and having spent 12 years as director of North American Fulfillment at IBM, Cook would have been a qualified candidate for a high position in the business even before you consider his exemplary service with Apple since 1998.”

“During his years with Apple he rose from senior vice president of operations to his current position of COO starting in 2005. His several accolades include reinventing Apple’s approach to inventory supply chains, managing perfectly timed releases of new products, and keeping in-demand products in stock, each of these puzzle pieces essential to the current success of Apple. In fact, his contributions to the success of Apple can literally be counted in dollars and cents during his 2009 stint as acting CEO as Apple’s stock rose 67 percent according to CNN’s profile of Cook.”

Check out the rest of the profile, and remember to buy Apple stock after it takes a temporary dip this morning.

How Fast Did People React to Twitter in the London Riots?

Check out the Guardian’s interactive timeline to show how different areas in England were affected after key tweets and organized social media.

Without Hip hop, Al Pacino Wouldn’t Have a Career

If you are a guy, chances are you have seen Scarface, and can recite several lines from the movie. You probably get all amped up for the final scene, and even shout at the bad guys on the screen. As MTV points out, Scarface wasn’t always the cult classic it is made out to be.

Most of the appreciation and film’s support has come from rappers, a fact not lost on Pacino. “The hip-hop people and the rappers got together and they made a video and they talked about the movie. I don’t think anybody’s ever talked about it as articulately and clearly. I understood it better having heard them talk about it,” Pacino told MTV News on the red carpet for a party celebrating the Blu-ray release for “Scarface” on Tuesday night. “I mean, they really get it and they understand it, and that’s a great thing. They’ve been very supportive all these years. I think they’ve helped us tremendously.”

The documentary Pacino referred to is 2003’s “Scarface: Origins of a Hip-Hop Classic.” In it, rappers like Diddy, Nas and Snoop Dogg analyze the movie’s impact. The 71-year-old actor likens rap’s affinity for his film with his appreciation for the 1932 original version of “Scarface.”

Ultimately, Pacino believes the appeal of his character lies in his desire to make something out of nothing — a mantra rappers have been preaching since the 1980s.

Because if you work hard enough, you too can have a musical in Australia made about you.

Madonna George Harrison Documentary: Living in the Material World

Legendary director Martin Scorsese has made a documentary about Beatle George Martin in a film called Living in the Material World. The film features Harrison’s widow anda selection of interviews with the surviving Beatles members and home movies. Check out the trailer below.

[youtube Xnx87LIDO9k]

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