Amy Winehouse Re-Enters Top 5 For Album Sales; Coldplay Plays Snippet of Rehab

Well, it was bound to happen. After dying last Saturday and only having a couple of days to rack up the sales, Amy Winehouse as Number 9 on the USA charts last week. With a full week of sales this past week, minus the biggest impact of the first few days, Amy Winehouse managed to chart her Back to Black album at number 4, reports Billboard.

Number one this week is Eric “Who the fuck is he” Church, a country singer who managed to sell 145,000 albums, to 145,000 members of his family. Adele is at number 2, with a 7% increase of sales, to 83,000. How are her sales going up a million weeks after her album has come out? Good on her. Number three is Kelly “I don’t need Beyonce” Rowland, who sold 77,000 copies of her third solo album, Here I Am Rock You Like A Hurricane.

Coldplay also paid a quick tribute to Amy Winehouse during their song, Fix You. Having played a Billie Jean cover at All Points West in the summer of 2009, shortly after Michael Jackson died, Coldplay continued to show homage to the recently deceased, in a short tribute. Check out the audio below.

[youtube tvWKMm7iKlk]

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