Make Any Part of your Shirt an iPhone or iPod Touch Holder

Kickstarter is a funding program for creative projects. One of the projects they are featuring is called The Move. As shown on the Kickstarter page, The Move is “a holder for the iPhone 4/iPod touch that enables you to attach your device anywhere on your clothing. The really cool thing is that there are NO straps/clips/velcro/magnets required, only the screen of your iPhone 4/iPod touch will be visible. Even if you have no pockets, you can keep in touch on the go.”

Seriously, this does look pretty cool and useful for those nights when I’m rocking skinny jeans without pockets and want to dance the night away, but have nowhere for my precious Hello Kitty-case-protected iPhone. Check out the video below. Bonus points for the Winnipeg Jets t-shirt! Don’t worry about the fact you look like a Cyborg when you have the iPhone on your wrist – everyone is doing it!

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