Lollapalooza App Contest an Innovative Idea

Lollapalooza, which I consider to be an excellent festival, in the great city of Chicago, has done one more thing that I like about it. Free tickets! Hypebot reports that Lollapalooza has been running a HackLolla app contest, for festival goers to create their own web and mobile apps to enhance the festival experience.

Although not an original idea, LollapalooBox allows people that can’t make it to Lollapalooza to watch live streams of shows. Veokami for Lollapalooza puts together all of the fan videos from Lollapalooza, which seems pretty rad.

Check out all of the other information for HackLolla here. If someone can make me an app to bypass the food lineups, you will win my precious vote.

Lollapalooza App Contest HackLolla (Photo credit to J Longstreet)

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