New Music Tuesdays

Hitting music store shelves and the online universe, both legal and illegal, include these albums:

Bad Meets Evil – Hell: The Sequel – This sounds like what my friends and I came up with for our own wannabe rap bands, back in Grade 5. This Eminem and Royce Da 5’9 joint album might suffer from a poor name, but will likely find endless play on the radio, making you wonder if you are in fact in hell itself.

Foo Fighters – Back and Forth: A documentary examining the Foo Fighters peaks and valleys over the past 16 years. The peaks would probably include headlining virtually every major festival the past 10 years. And the strippers.

Norm Macdonald – Me Doing Stand Up: Having seen Norm Macdonald on his past two tours, and having watched his last stand up special (from which this album is based on) more than five times, I can say that I highly recommend this album. But not while driving – laughing and driving often do not mix. Unless you are a bus driver, laughing at that fat kid who can’t fit between the bus seats, because, come on, that’s funny stuff.

Ziggy Marley – Wild and Free: Is that a pot reference? Listen and find out.

Sons and Daughters – Mirror Mirror: An album about fairy tale rhymes, or slow melodic rock?

The rest of the releases can be viewed here.

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