Morning Music Notes – Paul McCartney Never Sleeps (Ignore Photographic Proof)

First there was American Idiot, the Green Day concept album. Next there was American Idiot, the musical. And now, there will be American Idiot, the movie, starring none other then Billie Joe Armstrong, from Green Day. In true Green Day form, Billie Joe will smash and burn the camera after every scene.

The number one album in the UK this past week belongs to the Arctic Monkeys, who knocked that smug biatch Lady Gaga off of her perch. This is the Arctic Monkeys’ fourth album and their fourth album to debut in the number one spot. Oh how those Brits love their Arctic Monkeys (and their fish and chips), but how will the album do in North America? We shall see later today. We will also see later if I realized that my underwear is on backwards. My underwear is on backwards?! Have you been spying on me?

He never stops, he must be a robot Paul McCartney has announced that despite just finishing a tour, he will be going on a tour of select American cities. Hopefully Sir Paul will show some love to Toronto so that I can see him before I die. Well, before he dies.

Maybe if I do want to see Macca play in Toronto, I should start finding cheaper 1-900 numbers to occupy my lonely, late nights. Although $6 a minute is pricey, “Destiny” truly does seem interested in things I am saying. Sir Paul is the most expensive concert in America, according to this handy link. But these stats are only for America; I’m sure McCartney will realize that at the end of a long American tour, he’ll want to treat the Canadians to a nice, free show – right, Paul? Is it just me or is it scary that Lady Gaga fans will know no one else on that list besides Lady Gaga?

The Decemberists are taking a lengthy hiatus that might last until the next Ice Age! Oh wait, the internet and their various bloggers blew Colin Meloy’s words out of proportion. They are just taking a break. This sounds like a good idea – I will do the same. Thanks for the advice, Colin!

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