Morning Music Notes – Music Industry On Hold for 2 Years

U2 have delayed their planned forthcoming album release until 2012. U2 had planned to release the album this year, but figured their would find new ways to avoid tax payments, from all the money they are making touring for the entire rest of the year.

Highly pretentious, know-it-all, indie snob Music website Pitchfork has inspired a new movie based on the website. A mom seeks revenge after a blogger gives her son’s band a bad review. By revenge, I expect nothing less than a Kill Bill-styled massacre. Ironically, the official soundtrack for the movie received a 0.7 rating on Pitchfork, and seemed to focus less on the actual music on the album itself, but discussed unrelated music scene observations.

Last night, a Black Eyed Peas Benefit Concert was cancelled due to thunderstorms. 60,000 people were expected to attend the Benefit Concert. In the end, it appears the only benefit was to the 60,000 people who did not have to listen to the Black Eyed Peas concert.

Ja Rule has been sentenced to two years in prison for gun possession. The World Music Council is still deliberating on whether or not the music industry can sustain itself in his absence, or whether the music scene should take a 2 year hiatus from all releases and events until Ja Rule is released back into society to save the music industry.

A Belgian festival has promised to go vegetarian for the day that Morrissey is headlining. The awesomely named Lokerse Feesten festival (actually, it could mean something horrific and I would not know) runs for 10 days and will have one day totally ruined by the absence of hot dogs, hamburgers, and all things meaty. Next year, Lokerse Feesten is hoping to have Lady Gaga headline, and will ban all transvestites from entering the festival on the date of her performance.

eMusic, a paid online music subscription service, revealed to Digital Music News that they have experienced 0% growth since 2007. They note that the problem was first noticed last year, when one of their teenage sons revealed how to download and stream music – for free!

Florence and the Machine are planning on releasing a heavier, second album, according to NME. Early rumours are that Florence will be adding more Machines to the line up to get this heavier sound, but some have dismissed this as internet gibberish.

“There is no question – this is a beginning.”

Rolling Stone recently published their exclusive interview with Anthony Kiedis, who discusses his thoughts on their forthcoming album, I’m With You (unless your name is John Frusciante).

“We’re not really done. We wanted to maintain the Red Hot Chili Peppers if we could do it in a way that upheld historically what we had accomplished. There were some interesting conversations,” Kiedis goes on, “about do we try to find someone we don’t know, or maybe there is somebody right in our own backyard who is the perfect solution.” Klinghoffer, 31, was a veteran sideman who had recorded and toured with Beck, PJ Harvey and Tricky, among many others. He was also a friend of Frusciante’s, working on several of that guitarist’s solo records, and had performed with the Chili Peppers on their last world tour, playing extra guitar and keyboards.

Google Offers a Guitar Homepage

While not as cool as the Pac Man homepage they had earlier this year, Google paid homage to guitar wizard (and actual wizard!) Les Paul, by making their search engine homepage a playable guitar on your computer screen. Um, Google – Guitar Hero is sooooo last decade. On an unrelated note, I want four hours of my life back, Google!

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