Morning Music Notes – Dr. Evil Approved

Radiohead are set to release a series of 12″ vinyls which will feature remixes from their latest album, The King of Limbs. The first edition will feature Caribou remixing Little by Little, while Jacques Green will remix Lotus Flower. For those who are not over the age of 50 or who did not hop on the ridiculous vinyl resurgence do not own a record player, the songs will be available for purchase online.

In addition to their new release last Friday, Coldplay have road-tested four new songs, with videos courtesy of Stereogum’s website. It appears Coldplay have ditched their Sgt Pepper’s rip-off Viva La Vida outfits, and are now rocking muscle shirts. Regardless of their outfits, their new album is shaping up to be another classic.

Apple have announced they have sold a Dr.Evil-inspired 15 BILLION iTunes songs. This was announced as part of their larger presentation yesterday, in which they gave the full details of the iCloud. Apple failed to remind potential users that no internet access means no access to their iClouds and therefore, no music.

Beyoncé’s new album has a song that features the coolest guy in music, André 3000, and is produced by Kanye (he needs an “é” at the end of his name, too) West, in what is bound to be the best song for the first week it is released, followed by the most overplayed song of the summer. Click here for a listen.

Lady Gaga’s new album, Born this Way, has been banned in Lebanon. If there was a political party with a similar platform in Canada, they would get my vote.


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