Listen! Watter – Rustic Fog

I must admit, I’ve been loving a lot of stuff lately being put out by indie label Temporary Residence. The label are home to PeteHatesMusic interviewees Explosions in the Sky, Eluvium, an off-shoot of those first 2 – Inventions, new signees Hunterchild, Mono, and more. The latest act to catch my ears is Watter.

Watter - Rustic Fog

Watter combines Britt Walford of Slint and Zak Riles of Grails. The instrumental rock song, Rustic Fog, plays out like a hazy music soundtrack – not cinematic in nature, but captivating, yet can slide nicely into the background. You’ll have to hear it to know what I mean – describing 7 minutes of evolving instrumental music isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Check out Watter below, and watch out for This World, out on May 27.

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