Morning Music Notes – Gangnam Style Isn’t Good for Your Ears OR Your Heart

Adele Still Kicking Ass with Her 21 Album

Adele released her mega-selling 21 album what seems like decades ago. But the little beast won’t stop flying off the shelves, both physical and digital. US iTunes just announced that Adele’s 21 was the number one selling album in 2012 (via Gigwise). I ask yet again – who the hell is still buying her album?! Do you randomly hear an Adele song that you’ve been hearing everywhere for the past 2 years and say “Hmmm, I think I’ll investigate this artist some more!” And everyone somehow has this mentality? !

Taylor Swift was number 2, with Mumford & Sons at number 3 for 2012. One Direction hit number 4, while fun. were number 5. More good news for Adele: here Skyfall track from the new James Bond movie has been nominated for a Golden Globe (via Gigwise). She needs to take 44 years off and follow up 21 with 65 and see how the albums sales are then.

British Man Dies Doing Gangnam Style Dance

No, it wasn’t Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Sadly though, a 46 year old, Eamonn Kilbride, collapsed at a party with chest pains after doing Psy’s Gangnam Style dance (via NME). Personally, that’s not how I wanna go out – the Marcarena is more my style. Be careful out there this holiday season, dancers. And yes, I’m looking in the mirror as I type that (which makes it bloody difficult to type).

Steve Mason from the Beta Band Plans New Solo Album, Releases New Video

Steve Mason from the Columbus Blue Jackets the criminally ignored Beta Band has a new solo album out next year. The album is called Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time and could find itself in your hands on March 11. The album follows up previous efforts Boys Outside and Ghosts Outside. You can check out the video for Fight Them Back below, which is the advice I give my Dad about those 10 year old punks who keep asking for his lunch money.

Steve Mason - Fight Them Back - via YouTube screen cap

Steve Mason – Fight Them Back

Listen! The Antlers – Empty Castles (No Widows refracted)

The Antlers released the generally excellent Burst Apart last year, followed by an EP this year. What we have from them today is a reworking of arguably my favourite track from Burst Apart – No Widows. The track is an orchestrated version of the track, and strings equals goodness generally. The track was produced and played by cellist Brent Arnold. The track is an interesting version, and I like it…except the strings replace the falsetto learning into the chorus that I love so much. Give it a listen below.

The Antlers – Empty Castles (No Widows refracted)

(via Consequence of Sound)

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