will.i.am’s New Song to Premiere ON MARS; Hopefully No One Gets to Hear It

Black Eyed Peas member and rapper will.i.am has decided to have a low key launch for his newest song – it is premiering on the Curiosity Rover on Mars (via Crave). Tomorrow, NASA will reveal his new record – Reach for the Stars (*fucking GROAN!) – as part of an educational event. Yes, will.i.am and “educational event” are related for once.

Ripping will.i.am. aside, he is using his fame for the good of mankind (and whatever is up on Mars). He has the i.am.angel Foundation, which invests in “science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics initiative”, hence the tie to NASA and Mars. As Crave points out, the Curiosity only has 2GB of internal flash memory, so the songs are likely compressed and sound crappy. Cue the obvious “they sound crappy without compression” joke which I set myself up for – yes!

The event will be streaming at 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT / 9pm BST over at NASA TV on Tuesday August 28. Check out a slightly unrelated video of HD pictures of the panorama on Mars, stitched together in one cool video, soundtracked by DJ Shadow.

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