Morning Music Notes – Apparently Cat Videos Are Popular

Bob Dylan Announces 35th Album

On September 11, Bob Dylan will release his 35th (?!) album, called Tempest (via Consequence of Sound). It’s amazing that after so many decades and songs that one person can still produce music. I can’t talk for 35 minutes without boring myself.

MORE Stabbings at a Swedish Mafia House Show?!

After several fans were stabbed in Dublin at a Swedish Mafia House gig just a week ago, we have a report of 3 fans being stabbed in Milton Keynes, UK at another Swedish Mafia House gig (via Rolling Stone). I blame their hit song “Stab someone beside you right NOW!”

All Sorts of Awesome: An Internet Cat Film Festival!

Cats are awesome. The Internet is awesome. Videos of cats on the Internet are awesome. Someone thought combining some awesome things into one thing would be awesome (note to Pizza Pizza – this doesn’t work with hot dog stuffed pizza crusts). This leads us to the first Internet Cat Video Film Festival (via Crave). The event will take place on August 30 at Open Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota and will be free.

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