Morning Music Notes – Occupy Guitarmy Movement Rues Poor Name

Occupy Guitarmy Hard to Take Serious With Terrible Pun

Rage Against the Machine guitarist, and Harvard grad, Tom Morello, is releasing a World Wide Rebel Tour documentary to coincide with today’s Occupy Guitarmy (yes, it has a website) musical march (via Hollywood Reporter). I know headline writers are obsessed with puns to sell the story (not me, I swear), but guitarmy – seriously? The documentary is a 30-minute feature, which songs performed as his alter-ego, The Nightwatchman, plus a Q&A with Morello.

“The World Wide Rebel Tour is a virtual tour spanning the entire planet. From Malawi to Myanmar, from Uzbekistan to the U.S.A., people’s voices and struggles have made their way into my music,” said Morello of the documentary. “On May 1st, I’m returning the favor with this global rebel rocking throwdown. Free. Everywhere. May Day.”

For those of you in New York City, and wanting to say you were part of a “guitarmy”, Morello will be leading the pack from Bryant Park to Union Station as part of the Occupy Guitarmy movement. If I type guitarmy any more times, I’m going to get a guitar-rannosaurus rex and take over New York. Yup, that’s my attempt at contributing to the pun fun.

Damon Albarn Invites Noel Gallagher to Africa (And Not To Secretly Murder Him)

Over the last year, the sun must have crashed into the Earth, as the Damon Albarn – Noel Gallagher feud has budded into a friendship more unlikely than that of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. Now, Damon has even talked about wanting to collaborate with Noel Gallagher – what is going on?! (via NME).

Albarn said: “Well, why not? He should come on the Africa Express train in September. That’d be a nice chance to collaborate.”

Speaking about the famous feud, Damon said, “I never held anything against him, even right in the middle of it. I just kind of admired them in a way; that they were better at handling it all than me. They didn’t seem to get too affected by the bullshit.”

Translation: Our single sold more than theirs, so I don’t hold anything against them.

Blackberry Music Gateway Plans Unveiled, But Is It Too Late?

Canadian Blackberry makers, Research in Motion, have had their stock plummet like my libido after watching Desperate Housewives. RIM are trying to salvage their company and reputation, and are throwing their hat into the music streaming ring with their new Blackberry Music Gateway (via Slash Gear). The Gateway is a tiny Bluetooth box which allows you to stream any Bluetooth device (hopefully your Blackberry) through your speakers at home or in your car. As an added bonus, the Near-Field Communication (NFC) short-range technology also exists with this product, so you can just bang your phone against the Gateway and connect the devices that way. As futuristic as that may sound, doesn’t the rest of the description read like something from 2008? RIM – wake the fuck up!

Watch! Here We Go Magic – How Do I Know

Here We Go Magic have offered up a video off forthcoming album, A Different Ship. The album is out on May 8, and the video is for How Do I Know. The video features a) dancing b) a woman in a wheelchair who yells at her husband c) the tough choice of wife vs. robot. Pretty sure we can relate to all 3 of these, so watching the video for How Do I Know should be a piece of cake. Check it out below.

Here We Go Magic – How Do I Know

BONUS – The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Since we love Batman as much as we love (or is that hate?) music, we would be remiss to not post the newly released trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Check it out below and I’ll see you in line at the midnight IMAX theatre. I’ll be the guy wearing the Occupy Guitarmy t-shirt. The movie opens on July 20.

The Dark Knight Rises – Trailer #3

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