Make Your Ears Happy: Perfume Genius – Hood

Perfume Genius is the name used by Mike Hadreas. There is a new video for the song Hood from the upcoming album, All Waters. Perfume Genius happens to be a gay artist, which is not a first in the music business. This video does not hide this fact, and decides there’s no shame in it (because, duh, there isn’t) and pulls a Patrick Wolf and puts it all out there. Heck, the video even stars Zangief from Street Fighter 2 a gay porn star (not that I know this – I read it, I swear!).

Speaking to Pitchfork about being gay and in indie rock, Mike says “I’m very conscious about it, but I also want it to not be a big deal. But I still get nervous. With this video, my boyfriend was like, ‘Are you sure you want to, you know, be so gay?’ But I think people are smarter than that. And if Rick in Pittsburgh or whatever isn’t going to listen to my music because I’m gay, fuck it.”

Great attitude to have. Listen to the subtle then building piano-driven song, and enjoy Perfume Genius’ voice in Hood.

Perfume Genius – Hood
[youtube OOpkr8uNWpk]

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  1. 2012/01/27

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