Morning Music News – Third Eye Not Blind Forever

Get Ready to Be Elbow’ed to Death During the Summer Olympics

For those of you in Canada, you were surely sick of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic theme song on CTV by the end of the 2 weeks. You know the one I mean. Hopefully this decision won’t ruin Elbow for me – they have been chosen to record the 2012 Olympic Games soundtrack for the BBC (via NME). The rockers have written a 6 minute track, which will form the main theme for BBC’s Olympic Coverage. When Usain Bolt runs a sub 9.50s (you read it here first!), you’ll have Elbow playing along in your memories.

Elbow frontman Guy Garvey told BBC News, “We are knocked out to be involved and it’s been quite a challenge. We have feelings of real responsibility as we will be the soundtrack to so many images of personal sacrifice and endeavour while the nation roots for and celebrates with Team GB.”

Occupy Album Sales

It’s still cool to make Occupy jokes, right? Even though everyone has been saying “Occupy your couch” or “Occupy this beer” for 2 months straight, I can make it and think I’m original, right? Now that I’m done Occupying Sarcasm, I thought I’d let you know that Third Eye Blind are making a comeback! Third Eye Blind, along with Ladytron, Yo La Tengo, Devo, Crosby and Nash, Jackson Browne, and Lucinda Williams will all contribute to an Occupy Wall Street benefit album (via The Hollywood Reporter).

“Musician Jason Samel is putting together the album, and told The AP that they hope to raise between $1 million and $2 million to help support the movement. Money raised from the album will go through the nonprofit Alliance for Global Justice, with half the proceeds funneling to the New York movement, and the other half to other projects around the country and world.”

What do we call the protest that begins once Third Eye Blind is played endlessly on the radio again?

Blacklisted from Google: My Favourite Sites Pirate Bay, isoHunt, 4Shared

In what appears to be an attempt to play nice with movie and music companies, Google is blacklisting file-sharing websites from their Google auto-complete web searches (via Slash Gear). This blacklist on Google blocks the names of these websites in their Google Instant, auto-complete search services, but the webpages themselves remain indexed. I’ve been blacklisted from many, many things in my life (Girl Guides? Really?), but not from Google. I win, right?

“While there is no silver bullet for infringement online, this measure is one of several that we have implemented to curb copyright infringement online,” Google manager of global communications and public affairs Mistique Cano previously said to TorrentFreak. She also detailed that “this is something we looked at and thought we could make some narrow and relatively easy changes to our Autocomplete algorithm that could make a positive difference”.

isoHunt owner Gary Fung said told the blog in an interview, “It’s a lot more subtle than the censorship attempts made possible by the pending PROTECT IP and SOPA bills, but it’s still censorship and it starts small. Google is increasingly becoming a self-righteous Big Brother of the Web. So much for ‘Do no evil’”.

Watch! Austra – Lose It (Paper Bag Sessions)

Sort of like the From the Basement series, the Paper Bag Sessions strips down a band (no, not in THAT way – at least I don’t think so) and has them play without all that ‘studio magic’ (which I can’t seem to buy anywhere). Below you can see Austra play Lose It from their recent session. It simply features singer Katie Stelmanis sitting at a piano and playing – simple stuff, right? Except when I try to do it and end up falling off the piano bench.

Austra – Lose It (Paper Bag Sessions)
[youtube hvMA1loQAUc]

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