Check out Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon, and the Roots Do The History of Rap – Part 3

JT and JF (can I call them that? answer: yes) previously teamed with Jimmy Fallon’s recent bandmates, the Roots, to do two highly successful bits on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show. Justin Timberlake and Fallon did a segment called the History of Rap, in which they covered and even mimicked rap verses and choruses from years passed. The impressive things are how they change up their delivery for the various artists, as well as how good Fallon can throw down! Part 1 aired last year, and Part 2 was this summer (check out the videos on PHM). And back by popular demand, JT and JF did part 3 last night. Check it out below (and then practice at home). Can you say Sir Mix-a-lot?! Also included are House of Pain, Coolio, the Fugees, Beastie Boys – and more (trust me).

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  1. 2012/02/24

    […] Jeremy Lin is the Asian Sensation, the hottest player in the NBA. He’s a Harvard grad who now plays basketball for the New York Knicks, and has made headlines worldwide. He’s also lead to headline writers writing bloody awful and obvious puns. However, when you add late night comedian Jimmy Fallon into the mix, you get something a little more original. Jimmy Fallon has some great singing skills, as outlined in his various History of Rap collaborations with Justin Timberlake. […]

  2. 2012/05/09

    […] times on his late night show, Jimmy Fallon has some singing chops on him. Whether it’s doing History of Rap tributes with Justin Timberlake, or channelling Eddie Vedder for a Jeremy Lin parody, the funny man can sing. Jimmy Fallon is going […]

  3. 2012/07/30

    […] it is. Late night host Jimmy Fallon has shown that he has some great musical chops, channelling rappers or Eddie Vedder. The latest number he takes on must be the result of an extremely late night […]