Random Video Time! Kittens Trying to DJ

It’s Friday! Your girlfriend just tore her ACL, meaning that she has torn ACLs in both knees and is going to be highly dependent on you until the day you die for the next two months, but you don’t care – it’s Friday. It’s also Random Video Time! Since some of us here at PeteHatesMusic love cats (hint: me), why not combine our love for cats and our love for music into one short little video.

What happens when you leave the turntables on and let 3 kittens on the loose? In most cases, nothing, as the kittens will wander off to go sleep in a sunbeam. But in this humourous video, well, humour happens.

[youtube bTLgeqCaYMY]

Cheers to The Score’s Buzz blog for the original link.

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2 Responses

  1. chai says:

    hope the kitties make her feel better :(

  2. MrD says:

    Not a big fan of cats, but this brought a smile to my face :-)

    Did Bubs look like this when she was a kitty?