Morning Music Notes – Boston Keeps Calling

Time for Americans and Brits to rub in it my face that today is a holiday for them, after all the bragging that I did last Monday when I was drunk and yelling at the mail man for not showing up. Well, everyone still gets Morning Music Notes, so we all win (except for me, who has to write them).

Kanye West Screening Shut Down; Brace Yourself for an Online Rant

For the second consecutive Friday, Kanye West decided to project an image and play his new track on buildings across the world. This didn’t go down so well in Houston this past Friday night, as the screening was shut down (via Hollywood Reporter). We all know that Kanye turns into the Incredible Sulk (see what I did there?) whenever he doesn’t get his way, so it’ll be interesting to hear how he reacts.

The showing in question was at the Rothko Chapel. Police allegedly arrived and tried to disperse the crowd and threatened them with arrest for trespassing. The other screenings in Houston had technical problems, souring Kanye’s relationship with Houston forever.

Boston Calling, Part 2

The first ever Boston Calling was this past weekend, featuring The National and curated by band member Aaron Dessner. It must’ve been a success, as a September version of Boston Calling has now been announced (via Consequence of Sound). This news also gives me an excuse to post the awesome logo the festival has.

Boston Calling
The September 7 and 8 dates will see bands like Vampire Weekend, Passion Pit, Local Natives, Solange, Bat for Lashes, Kendrick Lamar, Major Lazer, and more. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am EST.

More 8-Bit Daft Punk for You

It’s been awhile since we’ve come across some 8-bit renditions of songs. In the past, we’ve had Daft Punk remixed 8-bit style. Now, Joe Jeremiah not only rocks an 8-bit tie and 8-bit shades, but he performs a mash up of the tracks on the new Random Access Memories in 8-bit. Anyone else having Nintendo flashbacks? Check it out below.

Will Smith Does Fresh Prince, Carlton Does the Carlton Dance

First 8-bit Nintendo sounds, and now more memories of your childhood (or maybe just mine because I’m old). Will Smith and his song Jaden were on the Graham Norton show promoting their new flick. Last time on the show, Will Smith was pressured into doing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. This time, Jaden raps his song Hello, while Will provides the beatboxing. Then the surprises start happening. First DJ Jazzy Jeff, and then Alfonso Ribeiro. No Ashley or Hillary? Check out a blast from the past, down below.

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