Morning Music Notes – FBI Releases Files on Whitney Houston, Thankfully Blanked Out My Name

Whitney Houston FBI Files Released

It seems the FBI have files on pretty much everyone, which is a tad scary. The latest musician to have a dossier is the late Whitney Houston. The files revealed that she was successfully blackmailed, as well as having a fan investigated for being obsessed with her (via Guardian). At least they blacked out my name!

The documents are from 1988 to 1999, and outline several blackmail and extortion attempts, as well as crazed fans. One obsessed fan sent 66 letters to Houston in a 17 month span that clearly pre-dated email. He wrote to her, saying “I have tried to stop writing the letters and to give up twice but after a few weeks I had to start writing again … I have gotten mad at [Whitney] a few times [for not replying] … it scares me that I might come up with some crazy or stupid or really dumb idea … I might hurt someone with some crazy idea.” The FBI decided he was harmless and didn’t pursue anything. They should’ve been looking out for dangerous bath tubs instead…

Welcome to the StubHub Center in Los Angeles

Remember the days when arenas and stadiums had classic, non-corporate names? Maple Leaf Gardens. Montreal Forum. The Roman Colosseum. Now we have ridiculous names like Pizza Hut Park and Dunkin’ Donuts Center. The Home Depot Center in Carson, California – home to the Los Angeles Galaxy – will now have a new, music corporation-related name. Ticket reseller StubHub has purchased the long-term naming rights and will call the stadium The Stubhub Center (via Hollywood Reporter). I guess scalping tickets outside the stadium will be forbidden then?

Just What We Wanted – More Gangnam Style!

I know you’re not sick of Psy’s Gangnam Style – I’m totally setting up my Harlem Shake / Gangnam Style mash up as we speak. However, today sees the release of Remix Style EP, with a title that makes as much sense as Gangnam Style itself. However, there are some heavy hitters on the remix. We get Diplo and Afrojack, as well as a collaboration with 2 Chainz, and a verse from Tyga. Aligning yourself with the first artist to hit 1 billion YouTube views – very clever, guys!

Listen! New Found Land – Only My Winnings

New Found Land

A few months ago, we featured Swedish singer, New Found Land, and her track Mirror. Her album came out this week, and we thought we’d feature another track of hers. The track is the opening track, Only My Winnings, and features waves of synth gently crashing against singer Anna Roxenholt’s lovely vocals. Check it out below, and stay tuned for an upcoming interview with her.

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