Category: Experimental


Listen! The Acid – Liminal (album)

Noting that this title is encouraging you to listen to this entire album. (DO IT!) This just cam out on Soundcloud (Via Mute records) this afternoon, and it is pure ear candy. The coolest part of this abstract piece of...

Ben Frost

Listen! Ben Frost – Venter

This is manic brilliance. Take a listen to this impressive piece from Australian (based in Iceland) composer Ben Frost. I can’t really tee this up and do it justice, so I’ll just say: throw on your headphones, turn it up to loud,...

Floating Points

Listen! Floating Points – King Bromeliad

London’s Floating Points is all all over this funky shuffle track. It’s electronic, but still has a live feeling (and no, that’s not just because there is crowd noise at the beginning). This one feels more like it’s being played...