Listen! City and Colour – Woman

First came The Girl, now comes Woman. After maturing in sound, lyrics, and vocal range for his first few albums, I felt City and Colour hit a bit of a wall with the last album, despite several strong singles. Since I love change and progression in an artist, I am pleased to say I am floored by singer Dallas Green’s new track, which is a whopping 9 minutes with loose structure and sound.

City and Colour - Woman

The track is called Woman, and is not your typical catchy first single. Instead, we get an exploration of long, drawn out guitar jams, and some thoughtful and slow building vocals. It reminds me of the first track, Weight of Love, on the latest Black Keys album – an out of nowhere, long jam that you didn’t know you wanted to hear. No word on an album, but check out the mix of dark, psychedelic and interesting sounds from City and Colour.

Update: The album is called If I Should Go Before You, and is out on October 9.

City and Colour – Woman

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