Listen! MS MR – Criminals

It’s summertime, which means great songs are coming out, competing for that summer jam. It also means I am trying to get that rare Canadian sun to get the pale English skin my parents gave me to turn golden brown. Spoiler alert: I’m either pasty white or burnt red. What the hell does this have to do with music? Nothing I suppose, except that I’m making excuses for not posting great new stuff as of late. But that changes with new stuff from MS MR.

MS MR - (photo credit-Charlotte Rutherford)

MS MR, striking a pose (photo credit-Charlotte Rutherford)

The female-male duo (OH, I FINALLY GET THE NAME MS MR) are releasing their new album on this weird Friday new music release date the industry switched to. On July 17, we’ll get the new album How Does It Feel. Until then, we get the upbeat and catchy pop tune Criminals. It’s a good one. Give it a listen below.

MS MR – Criminals

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