Weekend Catch Up: February 28

It’s time for this another edition of the oft forgotten Weekend Catch Up. This is where we post songs we have neglected for no specific reason, but think you need to hear them. We bring you 3 tunes this weekend: one from Will Robert, one from Metric, and one from Hundred Waters.

Will Robert has a voice made for radio. He has a voice that is made to fill stadiums. He plays acoustic guitar in a mellow song called City Lights. On my birthday (that’s January 12, for all those who forgot to send presents), his track was Radio One’s “BBC Introducing” track. Check out the voice I’m talking about below.

Will Robert – City Lights

Next up is Toronto indie darlings, Metric. They dropped a song that they didn’t quite know what to do with it. “It doesn’t really sound at all like anything else we’re doing and stands alone” writes singer Emily Haines. It does sound a lot like her excellent solo work. Check out the sparse, piano-led track The Fatal Gift (the worst kind of gift to receive).

Lastly, we have something from Hundred Waters. They dropped a critically acclaimed album in 2014. They recently shared an acoustic version of their track Show Me Love. The track is every bit as gorgeous as you think it might sound (assuming you know the original). Give it a listen below.

Hundred Waters – Show Me Love (Nicole Miglis Acoustic)

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