Weekend Catch Up! Vaults – Hunger of the Pine (Alt-J cover)

Let’s catch up this weekend with a cool song that was released at the end of the summer. Vaults have been making quite a wave on the blogosphere (a term I hate but will still use. Sort of like how I hate vegetables, but still eat them). They’ve been featured on PHM several times, with their tracks Cry No More, Lifespan, and Vultures. Readers of PHM should also not be strangers to Alt-J and their music. Vaults have paid tribute to the Mercury Prize winners by covering their track Hunger of the Pine.

Vaults - Hunger of the Pine

Vaults write “We are all massive fans of these guys; they make such exciting choices in their music and we thought this particular track, with the Miley sample, would sound really interesting interpreted by a female voice. Blythe laid down a vocal which seemed to work first take – everything followed that :) we just hope they like it!”

We do – let’s hope you do, too. Give it a spin below.

Vaults – Hunger of the Pine (Alt-J cover)

Alt-J – Hunger of the Pine

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