Morning Music Notes: A(nother) Libertines reunion in the works

Pete Doherty and Carl Barat have announced another Libertines reunion tour and are both talking positively about a new album (although nothing has been announced). The band HAS announced 9 shows across Europe this summer, and the band is talking about finishing up material they had started when the band first broke up in 2004.

The Libertines

Sorry, other-members-of-the-Libertines, the music press doesn’t seem to care if you’re going to be there.

The Libertines reunited for a summer festival run in 2010, and hit the peak of their career in 2004.


Morning Music Notes

Casey Kasem died over the weekend. He was the voice of pop radio in North America, hosting American Top 40 for 35 years. Lots of people work in the same job for 35 years, but very few get to spend those 35 years introducing people to new music. He lived the dream. Kasem was 82.

Vinyl nerds, NOW would be the time to get excited. Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow are going on tour, and they will be playing exclusively with Afrika Bambaataa’s legendary record collection (40,000+ records, currently sitting in Cornell University’s archives). The tour starts September 1st in Toronto.


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