Indie and Rock Songs About Love, Infatuation, and Worship – Part 3 (2014 Edition) – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday, we gave you our 3rd annual “anti-Valentine’s Day” playlist. Since it’s actually Valentine’s Day, we figured a few love songs are in order. And since I just remembered it’s Valentine’s Day, I need to keep this list short so that I can run out and get my girlfriend something other than bargain bin chocolates and dandelions.

Check out our 2012 and 2013 editions for some classic indie and rock love songs, and check out our short playlist below. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Arctic Monkeys – I Wanna Be Yours: Some amazing analogies and lyrics (based on a John Cooper Clarke poem) about how much you’re wanted.

Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart: Not a creepy and controlling title at all…

Rhye – Open: A couple madly in love, and a video outlining a similar theme.

Young Galaxy – Fall for You: What else can I do, but fall for you? Hypothetical question or should I answer already?!

Swim Deep – She Changes the Weather: When you love someone, they change your outlook on things and make things better.

The Lumineers – Stubborn Love: Perhaps not a traditional love song, seemingly about not giving up on the one you love.

Majical Cloudz – Bugs Don’t Buzz: Difficult to pin down if it’s a love song, perhaps about being with your loved one until the end. The video is effing awesome though.

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