Listen! Black Walls – PTSD

I love me some ambient, post-rock drone. This is why Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Tim Hecker have cracked the Top 5 in the year end lists on PeteHatesMusic in past years. We’ve recently featured several artists, such as and all was bright and Inventions. The latest in a long line of artists like this featured on PHM is Black Walls.

Black Walls - Field Two
The minimalist track featured is PTSD. It’s 10 minutes of subtle musical changes, waves of sounds creeping in and out of the background, trying to get heard. I excel at creeping in and out of the background, hence all of the restraining orders against me. Check out the work of Toronto’s Ken Reaume (aka Black Walls) both below and on his SoundCloud page. His album Communion is out in February.

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