Listen! Tennis – 100 Lovers

Tennis is back, and I’m not talking about the Australian Open. Actually, I was, then I confused myself and forgot we’re a music blog. So Tennis is also a musical group, and they write some lovely dream pop (as exhibited by My Better Self and Origins). The Denver husband-wife duo have a new EP called The Small Sound, and the latest cut of that EP is sort of more of the same, which is a good thing.

Tennis - 100 lovers
Rather than lace this post with tennis and sports related pun, I’ll tell you about the song, which you’ll love (sorry, couldn’t NOT do a pun). It’s called 100 Lovers, which how many lovers I’ve had (give or take 100). It’s a slow, piano-laced track that seems a bit more focused musically than some previous tracks. Check it out below.

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