Friday Afternoon Funnies: Kemo Treats

Musical satire can be brilliant if done properly. See: Weird Al Yankovic or more recently, The Lonely Island. Now we have a hip hop comedic duo from Edmonton called Kemo Treats. They told me “The hip hoppers in Edmonton generally hate us, but we get great reactions from most people who see us live.” I’m assuming he means live in the ‘live music’ setting and not live as in ‘we beat you to a pulp and hope you don’t live’ setting. Don’t forget, rappers HATED the Beastie Boys at first, too, although they weren’t going for as much of the satirical angle that Kemo Treats are aiming for.


Is that a giraffe or are you just happy to see me?

Rappers Smoovie II Smoov and G-Wizard have a new video featured below, which is the slightly ridiculous one for Chips in the Hot Tub. The track is actually sort of catchy, which is what often goes out the window for the sake of comedy in these these types of songs. The Edmonton Sun likes them, so how bad can they be? Grab your potato chip of choice, and if you’re female, head over to my hot tub and check out the video below.

Kemo Treats – Chips in the Hot Tub

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