Morning Music Notes – I’m Not Dead Yet

If it seems like we post a lot of Arctic Monkeys’ songs and videos on PeteHatesMusic, it’s because we do. On Friday we posted a video for a new B-side. Today, we get a 6 song acoustic performance on Vancouver’s 99.3 The Fox radio station. And fret not fans of Arctic Monkeys – Alex Turner is not dead, despite what Twitter tells you.

Arctic Monkeys   Do I Wanna Know   Fox Uninvited Guest    YouTube screen cap
Singer Alex Turner and drummer Matt Helders play a mix of tracks from 2013’s AM and their previous release Suck It and See. Check out a cool spin on the tracks below.

1 – Do I Wanna Know?
2 – I Wanna Be Yours
3 – Piledriver Waltz
4 – Snap Out of It
5 – No. 1 Party Anthem
6 – Reckless Serenade

Arctic Monkeys at the Armoury Studios in Vancouver

Morning Music Notes
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The Grammy nominations came out this weekend, and its basically what you expected, with no real shocking inclusions (although including the Paul McCartney fronted “Nirvana” band was interesting). Jay-Z got 9 Grammy nods, Kendrick Lamar, Justin Timberlake and the ever-present Pharrell all got 7 nominations. Daft Punk were also nominated several times. The awards show will be boring, but we’ll watch it all the same, on Sunday January 26. Every single nominee can be found here. (via Pitchfork)

Lana Del Rey released her 30 minute (NSFW) film Tropico on Friday, and you can watch it here. She also conveniently announced the name of her new album, after hinting that she might not record again. It will be called Ultraviolence and that’s all we know! (via Guardian)

Kanye West, who is apparently working with Q-Tip and Rick Rubin on his new album, has given some details about this new album. It will likely have an outlandish title (my guess, not Kanye’s words), and it will have only 8 songs. Less is more? (via Pigeons and Planes)

Peal Jam finished off their Lightning Bolt tour with their first show in Seattle in 4 years! They must hate you, Seattle as they’ll even play London, Ontario! But based on the 37 song setlist, the love is back. Yowzers. Check it out at Consequence of Sound.

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