Morning Music Notes – Make Up Free Footage

Canadian indie rock outfit Paper Lions have a new video for their track Pull Me In, which is what no one said to Jaws, ever. The track follows the release of the great track, My Friend.

Paper Lions -Pull Me In- - Official Music Video - via YouTube screen cap
For the video, the band head to a hockey rink, where 98% of Canadians live. Check out another solid rock track from the Canucks.

Paper Lions – Pull Me In

Morning Music Notes
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With a good new song out for the Hunger Games soundtrack, what’s next for The National? How about a raw and simple record – that’s what the band are thinking. Don’t line up at the stores just yet, as it’ll come at least a year after the finish their hectic tour schedule. (via NME)

Kanye West, who was caught on camera wrestling a cameraman to the ground, has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor battery and attempted grand theft. Who does he think he is, playing dumb in the face of evidence – Rob Ford? (via Billboard)

Jay-Z / Kanye West / Rihanna track Run This Town has come under copyright infringement allegations. Label Tuf America believes that Eddie Bo’s 1969 track Hook & Sling, Part 1 is sampled several times in Run This Town. Anyone hear it – a quick listen and I don’t. (via Exclaim)

Shock goth rocker Marilyn Manson has appeared make up free in the excellent HBO comedy Eastbound and Down. Geez, it only took him 20 years to shown himself without make up? Check out footage below. He looks kinda like that guy from The Wonder Years…

Marilyn Manson in Eastbound and Down

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