Happy birthday, Ed Banger. Breakbot, Busy P, Justice mini review

Last night, Breakbot, Busy P and Justice brought the Ed Banger 10th Anniversary tour to Montréal, and it was epic. How epic? Well, I’d argue that it was THE best party that happened last night. I have prepared my arguments below. 

Made sure to take a blurry picture from the back of the club.

Always make sure to take a blurry picture from the back of the club.

So, why was this the best party that happened anywhere last night?

1. It was in Montréal. Life factors and geography dictate that most of our reviews are from Toronto shows, and that’s really too bad. Because Montréal crowds are the best. Always a perfect mix of, everyone in here is super nice! and everyone in here is going nuts!

2. Metropolis. A legend. A dark, tiered theatre with soft seats upstairs. It really doesn’t matter what type of show you’re going to see, Metropolis always has a strange way of being the perfect venue. It’s also the only venue on the planet where I’ve watched servers carry trays of beers over their heads in a mosh pit without spilling a drop, which should count for something.

3. It was Halloween. Yeah – factor into the craziness of the night that everyone was dressed in costume. I saw zombies, Waldo, guys dressed like Hooters girls and a pretty excellent Batman.

4. The Ed Banger team. While watching Breakbot, Busy P and Justice, one can’t help but think, “these guys are so much cooler than I am.” Their beats are always a little bit slower, a little bit heavier, and they have an ability to whip a crowd into a frenzy without needing to scream and shout through mics and use cheesy build-ups and drops to do it. Face it, these guys rule.







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2 Responses

  1. Nando D. says:

    Real impressed you guys did a review on this show even if it was in Montreal. I wasn’t able to catch the Ed Banger Tour, I’ve always wanted to see Justice live, such incredible musicians. Sounds like Montreal has some great venues and also has people who know how to party! thanks for the review Pete, Cheers!

    • Pete says:

      Hey there Nando D. Actually, the other half of PeteHatesMusic (Rich) is in Ottawa and made the ‘short’ trek to the show. I did see Justice last summer in Portugal and they were pretty awesome.