Listen! Haerts – Hemiplegia

This post features the spelling of two words that just outright confuses me. We have the band Haerts – okay, I understand that. And then we have the song title, Hemiplegia. A smarter person than I would know that it’s the temporary paralysis of the heart on one vertical half of your body. Yes Google, you are smarter than I. And now the album artwork makes sense!

Haerts - Hemiplegia
Next week, the band drop the new Hemiplegia EP. The whole thing is up on Spotify, but us Canucks aren’t special enough to get Spotify (or Google Music or …). Thankfully, the band put the title track (that’s Hemiplegia in case you’re not paying attention) online. The track is another building synthpop track and excellent vocals from singer Nini Fabi. Check it out below and grab the EP on October 8.

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