Listen! Ajnabi- Ajnabi (entire album)

It’s fitting that while I’m in Brooklyn today (and might’ve pre-written this post) that we’re featuring an artist from Brooklyn. Blake Luley aka Ajnabi just released a self-titled album on September 17. All of the tracks are named after key dates for Luley, while Ajnabi means foreigner or stranger in Arabic.

Ajnabi- Ajnabi artwork
“The pieces are very evocative in reflection, not of specific, concrete memories, but rather of unprocessed feelings and senses that I experienced in my childhood. The feeling of standing on a driveway in Dallas, TX getting ready to move when I was 4 on August 22nd, 1991. How the air felt while riding a tire swing coming down from a weekend of downers and uppers, feeling completely severed from who I was as a child on my 15th birthday— June 2nd 2002.”

The instrumental album is a mix of dark, ambient pieces and noisy, attention-grabbing pieces. Throw on some headphones and take a trip from June 2, 1987 to June 2, 2013, courtesy of Ajnabi.

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