Morning Music Notes – I Ran Over and Beat You Up in Self Defense, Fool

Drake dropped his critically acclaimed new album yesterday, although it’s been on the Net for about 1.5 weeks. From his Nothing Was The Same disc comes a video for the track Hold On, We’re Going Home, recently expertly covered by Arctic Monkeys.

Drake - -Hold On, We're Going Home- - via Vimeo screen cap
The new video has Drake playing the role of a gangster. Sadly (for Drake, not the Internet), this has lead to much mockery of the artist who some see lacking severe street cred. Comments about Drake playing GTA V and then making the video, or that only Drake could look so soft holding a gun are making their way across social media. Check out Scarface meets Drake in the 80s action movie video for a melancholy Drake tune.

Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home

Morning Music Notes

When did Diddy last make an album? It doesn’t matter – he’s the richest hip hop star from 2013 according to Forbes (via NME)

Dave Grohl wants you to do the impossible – pat your head and rub your belly at the same time listen to Nirvana’s In Utero without thinking of Kurt Cobain dying. He feels this will give listeners the original intention of the album and not a distorted, emotional experience (via Gigwise)

Arcade Fire have confirmed the tracklisting for their album, noting that there are 13 songs across 2 discs. The last track is a massive 11 minutes and 16 seconds. (via Consequence of Sound)

Kanye West, who beat up a paparazzi and is being sued by the photography, is claiming self-defense. Is Lionel Hutz his lawyer? (via Guardian)

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