LIsten! Stars – The Light

Stars are about to embark on a fall tour. In celebration of this grinding process, the band are releasing a new 7″ (or 17.8 cm for those metric lovers). The vinyl features Wishful as an A-Side, and The Light as the B-side. You can now stream the Light below.

Stars - The Light
Musically, the track is some of the more complex stuff I’ve heard Stars do. It’s not that the music is incredibly difficult to play, but it seems like Stars have embraced subtle yet impactful musical snippets, bursting and then fading away. This approach is reminiscent of what The xx do so well, and with the songwriting talent of Stars, it seemingly opens up a wonderful, potentially new direction for Stars. That is to say, I really like this Torquil Campbell-led song. Check it out below, and go see Stars (like we did at Osheaga).

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