Listen! Jeremiah Pena – Mechanical Industry

Jeremiah Pena is a video game and film composer from Utah. He has transitioned his music away from the TV screen and onto the Internet through his Bandcamp page. All of this is to say that Pena has a new electronic album called Fragmentations, and it’s definitely worthy of your time.

Jeremiah Pena - Fragmentations
While the whole album is streaming on Pena’s Bandcamp page, I’ve chosen to focus on the electronic-driven but string-laden track Mechanical Industry. Knowing Pena’s film and video game songwriting background, I could easily see this track slotting into any one of those genres. But taken by itself, as it is on this album, it’s simply an excellent piece of music that you can easily get lost in. Make your ears happy and check out Jeremiah Pena’s track Mechanical Industry, and definitely check out the entire album.

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