Listen! St. Lucia – Elevate

He might be from Brooklyn, but St. Lucia is his name, and sun-soaked pop tracks are his game. It seems like he might have a few albums out by now, given the space between the tracks that have been trickling out of his studio and onto the Internet. This slow tease has been building up anticipation, like when I sip beers for breakfast to get me ready for the night time binge drinking session.

St. Lucia - Elevate
After hearing Before The Dive and September (and a nifty CHVRCHES remix), St. Lucia has announced his debut album, When The Night, out October 8. We have a new electro-pop track called Elevate, and it has all the elements of a St. Lucia song that we’ve come to love. It’s danceable (not by me), singable (again, not by me), and catchy. Check it out and count down the days until the album’s release.

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