Watch! New Found Land – The Hunter

We have something new from Sweden’s New Found Land. She just released her third album (and also chatted to PeteHatesMusic) and has a new video for her poppy, upbeat track The Hunter.

NEW FOUND LAND - The Hunter (Official Video) - YouTube screen cap
Singer Anna Roxenholt describes the video and track by saying “The Hunter circles around the subject trust. To put your life and safety in the hands of others can be scary and not always end well – but without it you will probably lead a quite dull life and miss out on interesting experiences. Making this video I did something for me very unusual. I took a step back. I trusted. The result: a hilarious and beautiful take on ”The Hunter”. I hope you like it as much as I do.”

I love it when artists do the writing part for me! Check out New Found Land’s new video below, and check out some bonus material from the Hunter EP over on SoundCloud.

New Found Land – The Hunter

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