Morning Music Notes – How Not to Use Twitter

Scottish indie rockers Franz Ferdinand dropped two lyric videos for new singles Right Action and also Love Illumination. We have the first official video for one of those tracks, Right Action.

Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (Official Video) - YouTube screen cap
The video is quirky and features colourful animations alongside the band. Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action is out August 26/27.

Franz Ferdinand – Right Action

Morning Music Notes

Jay-Z’s exclusive album app for Samsung isn’t so exclusive – like me, it has been cloned. Unlike me, the hacked app for Magna Carta Holy Grail displays anti-government messages (via NME)

Step 1 of what not to do at a concert: make a bomb-related tweet. If you do this, step 2 is clearly not to have a Twitter profile pic of yourself. A 16 year old Australian boy failed on both of these accounts at the Pink concert in Melbourne, and was arrested (via Billboard)

This spiralled out of control quickly. M.I.A. has been working on a documentary, shot by director Steve Loveridge. A teaser trailer leaked online, the director has now quit the project, and a series of nasty emails from Loveridge have been making the rounds. Your move, M.I.A. (via Pitchfork)

Mumford & Sons return to number 1 in the UK charts. Why is Babel randomly number 1 again after being released in 2012? They headlined Glastonbury last weekend – proof that concerts and big festivals can directly impact sales. Editors didn’t continue their streak of number 1 albums, landing at number 6 for their fourth album (via Gigwise)

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