Friday Afternoon Funnies: Wu-Tang’s Sign Language Interpreter

When I first got close to the main stage at Austin City Limits 8 years ago, I was wondering why there was a person standing in the security area perched on a ledge, frantically waving her arms. It took awhile, but I determined it was someone doing sign language to the lyrics. I’m not sure how many people this caters to exactly, but it’s comical to watch (and I mean this without disrespect). Unsurprisingly, Noel Gallagher even made fun of the woman at one point during Oasis’ set.

Wu-Tang at Bonnaroo via YouTube screen cap
Last weekend was the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee. Again, they had someone sign the lyrics, but man was this person impressive. They had the task of signing the Wu-Tang Clan and all of their raps. They clearly studied up on the words, and even got into the music as they signed away. The audio is poor, but the visuals more than make up for it. This is funny because it’s awesome – we’re not making fun of the hearing impaired. Check it out in this week’s edition of our Friday Afternoon Funnies.

Bonus: Noisey has a cool interview with her, with lots of facts and info. Her name is Holly Maniatty. Check it out.

Wu-Tang Clan at Bonnaroo 2013

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  1. Millar says:

    I remember Noel doing that at ACL, it was right before he played “Mucky Fingers” cuz he basically asked her if she knew what those were