Morning Music Notes – Drumming Up Some News

Thom Yorke’s Painting Is Being Auctioned Off

Thom Yorke is not only a musician, but he’s the world’s greatest lover also an artist from time to time. He collaborated with long time friend and Radiohead artist, Stanley Donwood, to help create a painting. The painting is called Business School for the Dead, but unfortunately doesn’t feature any zombies. The painting is from 2005 and was made for the Make Poverty History campaign (via Pitchfork).

Thom Yorke art

The painting is expected to go for between $5,500 and $6,300, which seems a bit specific in its small range. Thom Yorke tweeted “Hope someone in the financial industry buys this, what a novelty to have a painting at auction ha!”

Andrew W.K. To Go for Drumming World Record

Andrew W.K. may not be the U.S Cultural Ambassador in Bahrain, but he can still find ways to make the news. Starting tomorrow night, Andrew W.K. will start drumming. He will not stop until Axl Rose is done eating, which is about 24 hours later. This is part of Viacom’s O Music Awards which has 24 hours of live streaming and needs to fill the content somehow.

Things will kick off with The Roots drummer Questlove helping Andrew W.K., and he will be joined by special guests throughout the 24 hours (via Billboard). Andrew W.K. has been practicing air drumming with weights instead of drum sticks, to ensure that he is over prepared (like my steak dinner last night).

Pink Floyd Catalogue Now on Spotify

If it seems like just yesterday that I was talking about Pink Floyd and Spotify that’s because it was. If the Pink Floyd album reached 1 million Spotify streams, then their entire catalogue would be uploaded to Spotify. Well, it took less than a week to hit the million listens needed (via Slash Gear). Hopefully the power of streaming on display here has opened up the eyes of not only Pink Floyd but other record labels and artists, too.

Listen! FEMME – Double Trouble

FEMME - Double Trouble

More stuff from Laura Bettinson’s FEMME act, following that of the excellent Daydreamer and the more recent video for Educated. Despite playing double duties as the singer of the Nigel Godrich / Joey Waronker project, Ultraista, Bettinson is making some great music of her own. The latest track is called Double Trouble, which is the other side of the double A side featuring Educated. The single is out July 22. Check out the synthy, poppy track below.

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