Listen! Forest Swords – Thor’s Stone

Something interested happened as I tried to listen to this song for the first time. I was also watching a lecture given by Q-Tip, where he was playing some unreleased Kanye West songs. However, this song by Forest Swords also started up at the same time, unbeknownst to me. I heard the opening parts of this song, Thor’s Stone, and thought “Wow, Kanye is really killin’ it with the production.” Then the music stopped in the lecture, but this awesome beat kept going, confusing the hell out of me. Turns out it was another great song that I had playing in the background.

Forest Swords - Thor's Stone
In the mess of a first paragraph, I pointed out that I was inadvertently listening to the new Forest Swords song, Thor’s Stone. The track has a great beat if you didn’t get that from my intro, and actually would be a great track for someone to rap over. Check out the latest from UK’s Forest Swords.

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