Friday Afternoon Funnies: Daft Punk’s Get Lucky – Goat Edition

I’m short on both time and inspiration and smarts, so you get one of those ‘goat screaming the lyrics’ videos. In case you haven’t seen them, they can be pretty funny at first but grow boring with time (sound familiar, readers?).

Daft Punk - Goat Lucky (Feat. Pharrell Williams) - YouTube screen cap

Who needs robot helmets when you can morph into goats?

The song that gets the goat treatment is Daft Punk’s Get Lucky (or “Goat Lucky”). Pharrell’s ahhs are prime for goat-replacing screams, and the first few are pretty funny. Some say Daft Punk are the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) – this takes it to a whole new level. Check out Daft Punk – Goat Edition in this week’s Friday Afternoon Funnies.

Daft Punk – Goat Lucky

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