Morning Music Notes – Facts for Future Trivia Games

Woodstock Performer Richie Havens Passes Away

Richie Havens is a good name for remember for future games of Trivial Pursuit (assuming that game still exists). If you don’t know who he is, he was the first performer at the original Woodstock back in 1969. In addition to that, he released 13 albums that make it onto the Billboard charts, played at Bill Clinton’s inauguration, and basically toured for 45 years. Richie passed away at the age of 72.

His booking agency, The Roots Agency, released a statement that said “RICHIE HAVENS was gifted with one of the most recognizable voices in popular music. His fiery, poignant, soulful singing style has remained unique and ageless since his historic appearance at Woodstock in 1969. For four decades, Havens used his music to convey passionate messages of brotherhood and personal freedom. Billboard Magazine writes, “This acoustic soul giant truly seems to be getting more inspiring and graceful with age.”

Neil Diamond to Record Boston Tribute Song

At Boston Red Sox games, they play Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline pretty much all the time. In this time of tragedy in Boston, the song has acted as some sort of bizarre rally cry and tribute, with arch rival Yankee fans even singing the song at their home game at Yankee Stadium. Now it might not be as significant as the end of the Cold War, but it was a nice gesture by New Yorkers. Neil Diamond even made an appearance at Fenway Park to sing the song to Red Sox fans this past Saturday. I really hope Diamond donates some of these royalties and added sales to some Boston Marathon related charity.

Anyway, with Diamond recording new material, he has some fresh inspiration (for lack of a better word) for lyrical content for a new song. Talking to Rolling Stone, Diamond says “I’m writing now and obviously affected by this situation in Boston, so I’m writing about it just to express myself. It’s like an infestation, and I’m writing about the general situation, not just about this bombing in Boston, but what we’re going through with all of these tragedies – shootings and so on and so forth” (via Rolling Stone). Again – profits to charity, Neil.

Google Glass A Year-ish Away

You have at least one more year to come up with excuses for why you look like a gigantic dork with Google Glass on your face. In a radio interview with BBC, Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt said it would still be about a year before Google Glass hits the market (via Digital Trends). Right now, developers are tinkering with the Explorer Edition, with Google responding to user’s reports (hopefully things like “my date doesn’t take me seriously when I wear these glasses”).

Listen! Best Coast – Fear of My Identity

Best Coast - Fear Of My Identity

Record Store Day was this past Saturday as the vinyl hunter readers among us will know. I don’t have a record player, nor do I intend on getting one, but I do like the new releases and rarities that seem to come out of the woodworks. One such track is from Best Coast. It has all the elements of the Best Coast tracks you already like, with Beth singing a stand out chorus. Check it out below.

Best Coast – Fear of My Identity

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