Morning Music Notes – The Floppy Disc is a Vital Icon

The Stone Roses Get Demoted

The Stone Roses somewhat surprisingly were named headliners of Coachella, despite audiences in America not quite knowing WHO THE HELL THEY ARE. Without an explanation, Coachella has swapped the Manchester legends’ Friday night headlining spot with fellow Brits Blur, who will now headline the Friday night during the second coming weekend of Coachella (via NME).

The Stone Roses apparently had a smaller crowd than Blur did, so the insulting swap makes sense. Or maybe the swap was planned all along. Let’s go with whatever will make conspiracy theorists happy.

Stay Away – The xx Have Skeletons! Oh, Skeletons of Songs

The xx dropped their second excellent album on us this past summer (and we were at their London album release show). But they’ve already got bits and pieces of songs for album number three (via Billboard).

Speaking to Billboard at Coachella, singer Oliver Sim said “We started writing and we’re currently trying to write on the road, which is something we’ve never been able to do. Normally, I think I need the chance to be alone and to be quiet and these are two things that don’t really exist on tour but we’ve been doing it.” Why didn’t Oliver say these two things don’t “coexist” on tour, and then shamelessly plug their Coexist album? Fool!

Canadian Singer Rita MacNeil Passes Away

Cape Breton singer Rita MacNeil passed away Tuesday after complications from surgery (via CBC). The Juno Award winning singer recorded a whopping 24 albums, and also hosted a CBC TV show from 1994-1997 called Rita and Friends. A few Canadian artists and entertainers paid tribute, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who said she was “A great Canadian performer and icon.” MacNeil was 68 years old.

What The Hell is that Save Icon Supposed to Be?

I’ve actually never contemplated the floppy disc Save icon because I’m from the era where I actually used a floppy disc. It never occurred to me that younger generations who use the Save button every single day might have no idea what this weird disc logo is. It turns out, younger kids definitely do not. 1,000 kindergarten to Grade 5 students were asked if they could tell what the Save icon is supposed to be, and only 14 percent actually knew (via Crave). What percent of them could actually describe what the modem start up sound is?

Listen! Florence + the Machine – Over the Love

The Great Gatsby

The booming vocalist Florence Welch and her band Florence + the Machine have a new song as part of the Great Gatsby soundtrack which has songs from The xx, Beyonce & Andre 3000, plus executive producer Jay-Z. Over the Love starts off with a gentle piano, before Florence’s vocals are complimented with strings and then she explodes (not literally) during the chorus. Check out the track below.

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