Morning Music Notes – Do You Want Someone Who Closes Airports To Sell Your Phone?

Arctic Monkeys Confirm 2013 Album Release Goal, PeteHatesMusic Jumps for Joy

British rockers Arctic Monkeys have waited two long years since releasing their last album, Suck It And See. When chatting with BBC Newsbeat, drummer Matt Helders noted, “Hopefully we’ll get it out this year – that’s the plan. We’ve just been working stuff out with the band. Nothing serious yet. It’s just been us four working stuff out like we used to I guess. We had a bit of a break. It’s always weird when you first get back into it to know what kind of songs we write any more” (via Gigwise).

More songs like R U Mine? will do just fine, lads.

It’s Just Wayne Coyne, Being Normal

Wayne Coyne has a reputation for being kooky. Virgin Mobile decided to play up the reputation of the Flaming Lips singer and have an all-out bizarre commercial for their new phone plan. I feel like I’m either watching one of those ultra weird Five Alive commercials or that I’m being brainwashed in a Clockwork Orange. Check it out, and if your brain survives, consider switching to Virgin Mobile.

Virgin Mobile Presents: Retrain Your Brain

Yes Guitarist Peter Banks Dies

Guitarist Peter Banks of the British prog rock band, Yes, has died at the age of 65 (via Guardian). Banks failed to turn up to a recording session and was found dead in his home. After Yes, Banks went on to form Flash and then another group called Empire, in addition to releasing 5 solo albums.

Watch! Araab Muzik – The Prince Is Coming

AraabMuzik – “The Prince Is Coming” Video - screen cap

Sure, you’ve probably already heard this Araab Muzik track here on PHM, but a video is always better, right? We get a blend of concert footage with a middle Eastern royalty theme. Why isn’t anyone tiding up – don’t they know the prince is coming? Check out how not to treat your house guests below.

Araab Muzik – The Prince Is Coming

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