Weekend Music: Valentino Khan – 40 OZ

Valentino Khan keeps getting everyone’s attention. Partly because he tries to pay for goods and services with ancient gold coins from his bathtub, but also because he’s an extremely talented producer.

Valentino Khan

Sitting in a tub of coins is actually quite uncomfortable.

The Los Angeles producer has been releasing all sorts of genre-bending, floor rattling bass music – first grabbing our attention with his re-imagination of the Jay-Z/Kanye West album Watch The Throne – a very impressive piece of music. We’re betting that this guy has a bunch of huge radio hits in his head – but we’re hoping that he keeps pushing genre boundaries.

This time, he’s produced a bunch of Trap tracks and released ’em as free downloads on his Soundcloud page. So head over to whichever of your friends has the most kick-ass sound system, load this track, and watch the floor shake.

Happy Weekend.

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