Weekend Music – David Bowie Dance Party!

This is rather brilliant.

The Dewaele Brothers of Ghent, Belgium have released music under a bunch of different monikers over the years. There’s Soulwax, Nite Versions and Radio Soulwax – which are pirate-style radio shows by their other moniker – 2 Many DJs.

All you really need to concern yourself with is looking up ANYTHING by ANY of the above names. It will all blow your mind.

This is a tribute 2Many DJs did – as a Radio Soulwax show – for David Bowie. It comes complete with a ridiculously ambitious video as well…. come to think of it, this project must have cost a fortune! And you can listen/watch here for free?!

We’re rambling… just crank this up and have a great weekend.

*Thanks to @asandiford for the tip from Beijing!

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