Holiday Catch Up: Kishi Bashi – Bright Whites

It’s a holiday here in Ontario, which means I’m not actually at a computer writing this right now. In reality, I’m either lost on a snowshoeing trail hoping Bigfoot finds me, or in a hospital nursing a skiing injury – I have high hopes for Monday it seems. Instead of leaving you without music on this Monday, I’ve extended the Weekend Catch Up segment to include Monday – yup, I like to cheat.


We have an oddly catchy song from Kishi Bashi. There’s even a video contest, which is fun if you’re 11 years old. As per the YouTube description, “There are over 50 common idioms that manifest themselves throughout the video. For example at 2:51 into the video is “Break a Leg”. See if you can find the other idioms in the video and solve the riddle.” Unfortunately this video was posted 9 months ago, so your changes are slim. Check out the idiom-filled video below while you hope I end the sentence with a witty idiom. Pfft, witty idioms are a dime a dozen.

Kishi Bashi – Bright Whites

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